What a Musical Week 8 – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Disclamer: This blog post is a write-up of a “Delta Green” Tabletop RPG session, and any resemblance to any real-life operations, teams, people and events are unintended and do not show any knowledge from me about such things.

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This is an extract from the diary of Samantha Emery-Taylor, from 2014. Samantha is an Intelligence Analyst for the Joint CT Assessment Team (JCAT) within the National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC), who has been seconded over to Delta Green.

Given today’s events, I thought it would be prudent to start documenting things, so that I can remember them in the future. It’s important to note that I’m writing this on paper too, because I know that my new employer has access to systems it shouldn’t. How do I know that? I’m one of the people that can do that sort of thing. And… have.

Last week was eventful. I had a phone call, one I had been expecting dreading for a while. I made sure to take it away from Shane, and answer it in my home office where he couldn’t hear. It was a summons, a new job, down in New Jersey. I immediately called Shane’s father, arranged child care, and set off. I wasn’t taking the car, I wasn’t comfortable driving as I was shaking too much with… Anticipation? Dread?

I arrived into New Jersey, and was picked up at the airport by my colleagues. We had our mission, we were in the right area, time to engage. We were called in to contain some numbers. It sounds weird, but apparently the meaning behind the numbers would make a lot more sense if you were a mathematician. Which I am not, I’m good at making computers do what I want them to do and some people equate that to being a mathematician. But I’m just good at computers, and looking at signals and interpreting patterns, in people or digitally.

I digress. We had to contain the numbers, falsify some surrounding evidence, and make the murder look… a lot more explainable. These were my objectives, anyway. My colleagues had other matters to deal with. I started by hacking the murder victim’s laptop and planted emails and calendar appointments. I would do the same to the perpetrator’s computer later, to marry the data up and make it look more plausible. It would seem like they were having an affair, and as far as I am aware it worked.

Later, I would upload the numbers as a pattern to a delivery tracking website, listed as a “Secure Government Delivery” that had been delivered on time and successfully to an address in Delaware. Anybody searching for the number online would see that delivery, making them… irrelevant.

Then we had to track down and take out of the equation any mathematicians who had seen the numbers, and were showing… symptoms of such. We did, and sadly we had to solve more than one equation of this variety. I didn’t know Deborah very long, just this one mission, but she will be missed. As will the solider man, who’s name I just did not catch.

All in all, the night at the cinema and pizza dinner with Shane on the Friday night we returned was well deserved. I have a feeling this may become a more frequent occasion than I wanted it to be, given how… competent I’ve shown myself to be?