What a Musical Week 7 – Everything

I genuinely thought it would take a little bit longer than this to get to the subject of romance, I really did. We’re only seven weeks in, and we’re going to discuss romance. Yay!

Yes, once again I can feel my heart longing for someone, and my brain not doing anything to stop the infatuation building. The Urban Dictionary definition of “crush” is as follows:

A person who gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat faster. A person that you can’t describe in a word, but multiple words. A person you can’t get off your mind.

Urban Dictionary definition of crush

…Well, here we go again. There’s a guy who makes my heart beat incredibly fast, who I can’t get off my mind and gives me butterflies when I see him, talk to him, etcetera. …I’m infatuated again, aren’t I? Oh, this is gonna be fun. I remember the last time this happened, and it ended… badly.

I never know what to do at this point. I never know what to do, what to say, how to act or react. I am absolutely terrible at reading people, they do say that gaydar is a thing (I don’t have one, I must have either broken it or lost it somewhere), but I’ve only been able to tell once in my whole life. Every other time I have been wildly wrong.

So… what next? Time will tell. Will I pluck up the courage to ask my colleague for a drink? Will I take him to dinner? Will I just keep on snatching moments of conversation with him, and never act on my feelings?

Time will tell. For now, I’ll live with that ache of a crush.