What a Musical Week 6 – Another One Bites The Dust

The decision had been made, Arkadius Hogg would distract the orcs while the other made their escape to safety. Arkadius would meet up with them a little while later, and join in with recuperating before they storm the attackers. He was best placed to do the distracting, given he could fly and rain down terror from above. Eldritch Blasts, a few Witch Bolts, even shots from a longbow. The primary targets would be the orcs driving the battering ram towards the gates.

“It’s settled,” he said, “You guys will disappear, and I’ll rain down terror. Agreed?” The others clearly disagreed, especially as someone else came up with the idea of being a distraction first, but it would make sense for the flying one to take precedent.

He took flight, raining down the terror from the moment he laid eyes on the camp, Eldritch Blasts firing from the longbow in his hands, followed by magical arrows. The return fire came just as quickly, ideal for a distraction, but Arkadius was worried. His longbow took up two-hands, and he had to leave his shield with his associates as he needed his back clear for his wings.

The return fire came thick and fast, and Arkadius was getting weaker by the minute. His associates had escaped under the cover of the distraction and carnage, and most of the orcs that were carrying the battering ram were now dead, the battering ram itself had taken quite some damage from Eldritch Blasts. But Arkadius was faltering, flying lower, unable to keep himself up.

Eventually, after a few minutes, he landed and was immediately swarmed. He shook his hand, and the longbow became a longsword, and he held his own for a few minutes further, but… the full force of the orc warriors overtook him eventually, and Arkadius was no more.

So, this week I decided to kill off one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons characters. I’ve been playing him for a few months now, but he isn’t quite chiming with me, so… I spoke to the DM, came up with the ideal way to change characters, and here we are. The orcs storming the Gates of Gorren meant that we had the perfect opportunity for him to die in a blaze of glory.

Ideal. Just how I wanted him to go.