What a Musical Week 5 – This Is The Moment

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! I’m still hyperventilating, and my heart-rate is still off the charts.

Today has made this entire week bearable. Everything this week… no, my whole life has been leading up to today, nothing can top this. Best. Day. Ever.

People have told me to never meet my heroes, whoever they may be, as they more often than not are not who they seem. Well, in the space of five years… I’ve met several of mine. Just to list a few of them off: Guy Henry, Peter Capaldi, Stuart Ashen (Ashens), Steve Hardcastle (aka DadCubed)… and today, I can categorically say I have added another two to my list. Rebecca ‘MrRebecca’ Maughan and Daniel ‘Nerdcubed’ Hardcastle.

Daniel ‘Nerdcubed’ Hardcastle.


It’s taken me seven years of watching his channel (I checked.) for me to have this opportunity. For a variety of reasons, some of which I genuinely share too (social anxiety for the win!) he very rarely does public appearances. He’s done a handful conventions in all this time (CoxCon), which annoyingly I haven’t been able to attend any time it’s happened.
Sad face.

BUT! ALAS! He wrote a book, which I backed, and he did a book tour… and sure, I already had a signed book cause I backed it to make it happen (second one coming soon, I’m making sure to get in and back this one early too!) but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet my hero. My ultimate hero. The guy who has helped me and literally countless others across the world to… stay alive. Genuinely if it wasn’t for his YouTube channel, and a combination of a variety of factors, I wouldn’t be here today. That sounds like I’m hyping it up, making it up. But I’m really not. He’s kept me alive.

Oh. And it would be remiss of me to not mention his amazing community. The nicest, friendliest online community you will ever meet. And when you throw around fifteen nerds together waiting outside a shop backdoor to meet a famous YouTuber, you’d expect silence… nope! The three hours we spent waiting was very well worth it. I came away wishing I had arrived earlier, and with new friends.

All in all… I’m a bit sad I can’t go back to that afternoon now. And I have a book to read and treasure. With five autographs in it.

…Who’s next on my list of heroes to meet? Let’s see…


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