What a Musical Week 4 – Dance With Me Tonight

Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight, on Spotify

This week has felt like such a short week, in complete contrast to everything else I’ve been feeling as of late. And by dancing, I mean… heading from one thing to another in quick succession, but not being unhappy about it! You know that feeling when you’re literally so happy you could dance anywhere? For some reason, that was this week for me.

It all started Monday morning, when there were brand new graduates and apprentices starting at TfL. A bright bunch they are, the new peeps starting with me on my scheme. Of course, my first thought was that this all makes me now a second-year apprentice. With me now being Chair of the Schemes Mental Health team, I was involved in the Induction day presentations to teach graduates and apprentices that we really do care about them, and want them to be happy. This all went hand-in-hand with me joining a new team. On Monday morning. I started with the new team, then went straight into a practice run of the presentation. Then sat with my team for half an hour… then went to give the presentation. Literally dancing about.

But am I complaining? Nah, it’s not worth the hassle. Plus, it was fun. And all for a good cause.


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