What a Musical Week 3 – World Shut Your Mouth

Julian Cope – World Shut Your Mouth, on Spotify

Okay, so I took a break for two weeks. So what? I had a busy fortnight, and things slipped. Anyway, I’m back now. Hooray!

I went LARPing on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August, final event of the year. It was a hell of a weekend, physically demanding and exhausting, and I genuinely nearly collapsed more than a handful of times. That’s just the work side of it… in character, there was a lot of… stuff happening, and I don’t entirely understand all of it. So Valen (my character’s name being “Valen Seir”, one day I’ll do a full write-up here…), being the ever stoical elf that he is, is planning to ignore most if not all of the goings on. Sadly, a lot of the in-character bullcrap that happened that weekend also spilled over into my staffing work on the back-end… but I was able to help a good friend of mine (two, in fact). And then one paid me back the very next day when I had my own emotional wobble.

This week saw me both moving team at work, and seeing my first-year anniversary there. Yay, I’ve lived in London and worked at TfL (Transport for London) for a whole year! I’m impressed with myself for surviving. I’m moving placement team for the second time (two six-month placements, even though we planned for one four-month and shorter two/three-month placements afterwards… oh well!), from the Storage team over to the Unix team. I’ll be starting to assist with a project that I’ve been part of the planning stages for on the back-end already, and it’s gonna be an interesting time. I’m looking forward to the next few months!

Anyway. A rambly post this week, I’m sure we’ll be back to normal next week. Assuming I remember to post… hmm.


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