What a Musical Week 2 – Three Times A Lady

Commodores – Three Times A Lady, on Spotify

This week’s “What a Musial Week” post isn’t going to be a long one, as it’s an emotive subject for me, and one I’d prefer to keep for me and my close people. This week’s song is one close to my heart, “Three Times a Lady” from Commodores. This song means a lot to me personally, as it was one of the songs we played at my nan’s funeral. Today, as in the day that this post goes live (15th August, 2019) marks four years since we lost her.  Last week I said that I was feeling the best that I had for a very long time, and it is true. But that isn’t to say I haven’t been thinking about her and granddad for a long time. I still tear up sometimes when I think of them, especially so when I hear this song, and the song my granddad used to whistle.

I know that they’d be proud of me, my grandparents, wherever they may be. Today is the anniversary of nan’s passing, and this morning I surprised my family by turning up completely unexpected at the annual reunion they have planned. My mum and auntie promised after nan’s passing that they would meet up around this time of year, and I read on my mum’s Facebook profile that this year the meet up would be in Birmingham. I was able to Sherlock my way into finding out what the plans were, when they’d be arriving and leaving, and pretty much everything. So what did I do? Book train tickets, and be there for when they arrive. The look on their face was… amazing. So worth it, and the day with my family on that anniversary was brilliant. I miss my grandparents, but being able to spend the time with my family is the best way to honour their memory. And this makes me so happy.


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