What a Musical Week 1 – Things Can Only Get Better

D:Ream – Things Can Only Get Better, on Spotify

Welcome to the first post in my new weekly series which I am calling “What a Musical Week”. Every week for the next 52 weeks, I’ll be posting a song that underlines the theme of the week. This week, I think nothing could beat “Things Can Only Get Better”, by D:Ream. (There were multiple options, but I’ll admit… I’m saving them for later in the year!)

It hit me, earlier on this morning. I’ve been living in London for about a year now, and working at Transport for London as an Infrastructure Technician Apprentice for just under a year. A whole year I’ve been in London. To me, that sounds mad, considering I lived in Wales for nigh-on twenty and a handful years. It got me thinking… It has been so amazing, not only for me and my career prospects, but for my mental health too.

This time last year, I left a job where I was miserable, had little chance of moving upwards for a variety of reasons, and… had some thoughts that now that I think back, I really regret having. But now? I’m coming lose to the end of my apprenticeship having gained a handful of meaningful qualifications and having met some amazing people… and at times having even felt like I’ve been contributing to the ultimate TfL goal of “Keeping London Moving” (It sounds corny, but that’s genuinely one of TfL’s several mottoes).

As for my mental health? I’ve never felt better. While it’s a bummer having all my friends back in Wales that I really miss, and very rarely get to speak to anymore, I’ve made lots of new friends here. I have started going to regular meet ups with the London and Dragons Discord (https://discord.gg/pKfJRE5) where I play in regular DnD games with some brilliant people. I still play Destiny 2 with old friends, and for a while even had a boyfriend who I played with too daily. We may not be together anymore, but I’m happy.

I have an informal chat slash interview this week at work to become the Chair of the Schemes Mental Health Working Group, cause I’m feeling the most confident I have in a long time in my own Mental Health, and I want to help other apprentices and the graduate community at TfL grow strong, and show them that mental health is as important and ever, and help them to be as confident as me.

So things can get better. And when you feel as low as I did last year, it really can only get better. And they will! πŸ˜€


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